The Story of Adidon: Pusha T Claps Back!

Took long enough! 5 days and a million and one arguments later, Pusha T FINALLY responds to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” with a clawback that has thrown even MORE gasoline on the raging fire that is the the rap beef between the two. This is getting really good folks!!

Pusha cut deep though, using Drake’s absent father, his loveless mother, and his abandoned son (and a controversial cover) as strong jabs in the diss ring. Drake went personal first…but Pusha T took shots first. But…all is fair in love and diss rap! Did Pusha put on for VA? Drake is on the clock now! Will he even respond? This is getter deeper than rap!

Listen to “THE STORY OF ADIDON” here and comment your thoughts on the retaliation!