Welcome To The PARTY.



DJs play one of the most CRUCIAL roles in music. Their ability to influence the spread and acceptance of music on a worldwide scale make them the true gatekeepers of the industry.

DJ Havoc, also known as “The PARTY”, is a DJ whose passion and dedication to the craft can only be found in the great DJs of Hip Hop’s epic past. The poise and practiced discipline with which he works makes him one of the DOPEST DJs in the 757 and has put him in a position to spin at some of the area’s hottest nightspots, be high demand for all types of private events, and grace the projects countless music artists.

Despite currently working overtime to strengthen his “HavocLifestyle” brand and “The PARTY” event experience, DJ Havoc hasn’t lost sight of what’s truly important to music – the breaking of new and musically innovative artists, and for the people – having the best music driven experience at any event or venue he sets foot and turntables in. 

DJ Havoc. The PARTY. Havoc Lifestyle.
Becoming the next leader and premier DJ in the 757, in music, and beyond.