Turn Your Headphones Up to VOLUME 4.


Just when we thought the only female music groups we’d see now a days were those from the 90s reunion shows, the universe blesses us with a dynamic set of singing divas skyrocketing out of Queen City (how fitting) Charlotte, NC. The fresh, the fiery, the fierce girls of VOLUME 4. 

The millennial answer to the likes of SWV, Exscape, Total, TLC, En Vogue…these ladies are grinding hard to take themselves to the top of the music charts, and they are in a PRIME area and era for it. Their electric sound mix of RnB and Pop, mixed with beauty, urban fashion, class, and unity set them apart and put them leagues above the catty imagery we see of Black women in the main stream. Setting the standard…crushing the stereotypes.

























In just a few years, this team has developed immensely and their dedication to promoting positivity and unity amongst women of all colors and creeds rings loud. Shout out to their current manager Terrance (what up Fam!) for riding so hard with these girls and working right along side of them on the road to success. Right now, their dope new single “CATCH A VIBE” is blazing a trail on the air waves and gaining the support of music lovers all over and is destined to help carry them to the next level music greatness.

Download/Listen to “CATCH A VIBE” by VOLUME 4